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Crededge specialise into providing credit and credit risk related solutions to Financial Institute. We help design financial institute’s credit division better for growth and sustainability.

We help them develop credit division, team, risk matrices, policies, process and statistical PD Model. We design and help develop statistical credit model as well as validate and back-test existing risk rating models.

We also help Corporate for improving their credit Rating from credit rating agencies. We provide insights into the rating process, criteria, information requirements and coach them for Rating upgrade and strategy around it. Many a times, a Corporate, on account of inadequate understanding about credit rating and its criteria, end up submitting information and documents that are insufficient, resulting into undesired credit rating. We have helped many Corporate improve their rating by multiple notches. We also advice Corporate on structuring their financial structure for better performance and financial health.

We provide personalised coaching for CFA , FRM and CCRA for Credit Risk and Operational risk portions.

Fund Raising

We advise business and startups on fund raising (Debt and Equity). For small businesses , your internal cashflow could be biggest source of funding for business growth and Crededge will help small firms manage it better as well help them raise structured finance most suitable to their business. We operate like ‘CFO’ and help business focus on its core and therefore grow unhindered.

Management Consultancy

We advise SMEs and Corporate on development of appropriate risk and governance matrix that helps them in better preparedness against risk variables, and bring risk-awareness culture culminating into creating right strategy for continued sustainability and growth. We advise entities on enterprise wide risk management and best possible solutions to guard against VUCA Risks. We supplement SMEs in improving cost efficiency and productivity through our GB3(Grow your Business, Bigger and Better) advisory solutions. We also help SMEs in their strategy of listing (IPO) to bourses of their choices and suitability.

About Charu Dutt Sharma

Professional experience of over 20 years in areas of Banking, Risk Rating and consulting to business and Financial firms. Few of specialisation are as under;

  • Mentoring of startups and Businesses. Advisory to stressed business as well consulted business for growth & fund raising for businesses
  • Credit experience of multiple credit cycle. Proficient in credit risk assessment , lending , supervision and operational dynamics. PD and LGD modeling for retail , SMEs and housing products
  • Adept at handling lending and credit ratings of MSMEs , Corporate & Microfinance Institute (MFI).
  • Competencies in areas of Micro ,Small and Medium in terms of understanding Management , business and financials and Risks associated with their business model

We advise business to manage stress and loss making centers and plan turnaround to profitability.

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